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Christmas-time Encouragement for the Weary Mama

To all the mamas who feel overwhelmed at what is left on their to do list-

To all the mamas who feel burdened in this season and who are looking forward to it being over-

To all the mamas dreading the time with family and the judgement that ensues-

To all the mamas who are alone this Christmas and can’t stop thinking about the memories they wish they were making-

To all the mamas with sick kiddos who are doing the unseen, unthanked work-

To all the mamas that feel dry, depleted, and drowning-

❣️You are enough. You are not too little and you are not too much. Your love and your arms where your loved ones find acceptance, peace, and rest, are enough.

❣️Your to do list is just that, your to do list. It is not your identity. It is not your worth. Whether or not it gets done does not define your womanhood or your motherhood. You don’t actually have to do it all. You may actually need to let a lot of it go.

❣️Your feelings are all windows into your heart and they lead to a place of healing and discovery. If you find yourself at the end of what you have to give, your heart, your mind, your body, are telling you something. It’s ok to stop and listen.

❣️Your sadness that washes over you when your mind wakes but your eyes aren’t open yet, is a language that your heart tells you that you may not speak yet. It’s ok to listen and let the tears fall as you learn to grieve and lament and tell God the creator all the things that are not right in this world. It’s the here but not yet.

❣️Your anger that comes out in frustration, impatience, bitterness, and screaming into your pillow at night is real and when you stuff it down it eats at your soul. It’s stealing your rest, your peace, and that in between where your home is utter chaos falling down around you and you can close your eyes and see the beauty in the disorder. What is it that you want but don’t have and as you open your eyes and look for it, you leave your rest and peace?

❣️Your worry, your anxiety, your fear is real and legitimate. I know your worst fears have actually come true before and you wonder if it will happen again or worse, happen to your child. I know it’s horrible having these feelings at this time of year but I just want you to know that if the worst can happen, the best can too and in the end, light will overcome the darkness. Trace back the path to where you lost hope and come back carrying it for yourself, and for your sister that needs it, too.

❣️Mama, your inadequacy is your humanity. Realizing it leads to humility which just allows your heart to open larger to Love well and faithfully. This time of year is so often so bitter and so sweet. Feeling all of it does not make you a bad person, a bad mother, a bad wife, partner, or friend. What it makes you is a human whose heart is growing.

❣️❣️My heart is full with all the mamas, babies, and families who have opened their hearts and homes to me. I love and cherish each of you and I pray you know that you are enough in your brokenness and you don’t have to be more than you are. The big feelings we all have are telling us something and I pray you take time to consider what it is this year and in the coming one. I see each of you becoming the steadfast, loving woman that every single one of you wants to be and I already know you are.

❣️❣️❣️Merry Christmas and I hope see many of you in the next few months and catch many babies in September ❤️❣️😍❤️

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